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Lab in late 2019

Lab in mid 2020

Rachel Perry, Ph.D. (PI)

Rachel earned her Ph.D. and completed her postdoctoral training at Yale in the lab of Dr. Gerald Shulman, where she focused on the development and application of novel stable isotope tracer methods to model hepatic metabolism under physiological and pathophysiological conditions. In her own lab at Yale, Rachel studies how metabolism intersects with various physiological and pathophysiological states, including cancer and inflammation. This is, quite sincerely, her dream job.

Andin Fosam (MSTP rotation student)

Andin is a first-year MSTP student at Yale currently doing a virtual rotation in the Perry lab. Her project involves examining what clinical, genetic, and histopathological factors predict the development of cancer cachexia, a major contributor to morbidity and mortality in cancer patients. And in her spare time, she’s writing a review!

Brooks Leitner (MSTP student)

Brooks is a third-year MD/PhD student whose credentials include serving as a personal trainer to humans and – in the lab – to mice. His project focuses on understanding the mechanism of how exercise slows tumor growth in obesity-associated tumors, with the ultimate goal to undercover the “exercise factor” that mediates the anti tumor effect of exercise. His first first-author paper in the lab is based on work done during his five-week rotation (!), and it will not be his last.

Chigoziri Konkwo (MD student)

Chigoziri is a rising second year MD student at Yale doing a summer research project (virtually) in the Perry lab. He is using publicly available cancer databases to understand why, seemingly paradoxically, obesity is protective against lung cancer and improves the response of this disease to immunotherapy, in contrast to numerous other tumor types, in which obesity increases incidence and worsens prognosis.

Zongyu Li (PhD student)

Zongyu is a third-year Ph.D. student in Cellular & Molecular Physiology. Before the end of his research rotation, he was already producing publishable-quality FACS data (!), and has not slowed down from there. Zongyu’s two projects include delving into how a novel inflammatory mediator may improve hypoglycemia counterregulation, and characterizing immunometabolic crosstalk in cancer.

Xinyi Zhang (PhD student)

Xinyi is a second-year Ph.D. student in Cellular & Molecular Physiology. She rotated in the lab during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are delighted that she has decided to stay! Her project will focus on the use of metabolic therapy in melanoma, a tumor type that has traditional not been associated with metabolic changes but has given us some interesting hints of metabolic vulnerabilities that may be exploitable.

Wanling Zhu (research technician)

Wanling is a research technician who works 20% of the time in the Perry lab. She has been a crucial participant in hundreds of our in vivo mouse studies and is a skilled surgeon: few people we know can place a catheter in a vein that’s just 0.2 mm wide with almost 100% survival rate, but Wanling can!

We are hiring!

While we do not currently have open positions posted, we are open to welcoming candidates whose interests line up with the priorities of the lab. If you are interested, please contact Rachel.

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