We have ongoing collaborations with the following labs:

  • Dr. Michael Pollak (McGill University): cancer metabolism and metabolic scaling.
  • Dr. Aaron Grossberg (Oregon Health & Science University): metabolic reprogramming in cancer cachexia

Yale Collaborators

  • Drs. Lajos Pusztai (Medicine-Oncology), Richard Kibbey (Medicine-Endocrinology, Physiology), and Jesse Rinehart: exploiting metabolic vulnerabilities to enhance breast cancer treatment in vivo and in vitro.
  • Dr. Andrew Wang (Medicine-Rheumatology, Immunobiology): understanding metabolic reprogramming in stress states.
  • Dr. Valentina Greco (Genetics): metabolic reprogramming in skin development.
  • Dr. Yajaira Suarez (Comparative Medicine, Pathology): modulation of tumor glucose utilization with endothelial cell manipulations.
  • Drs. Melinda Irwin (Public Health) and Kim Blenman (Medicine-Oncology and Computer Science): exercise, immunometabolism, and breast cancer.
  • Drs. Jonathan Bogan (Medicine-Endocrinology and Cell Biology) and Themis Kyriakides (Pathology): two separate collaborations on muscle function and recovery from injury
  • Dr. Christina Allen (Orthopedics): clinical study to understand how blood flow restriction affects the immunometaboproteome during recovery from ACL repair.

We are always open to more!

H&E stain of a liver from a mouse with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

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