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7/1/20: Welcome Chigoziri, Brooks, Andin, Xinyi, and Stephan

The Perry lab is delighted to welcome five new members:

Chigoziri Konkwo, a rising 2nd year med student, is performing a virtual rotation analyzing tumor transcriptomic data and correlating these data to obesity.

Brooks Leitner, a rising 3rd year MD/PhD student, has joined the lab to pursue a project on exercise and cancer.

Andin Fosam, a rising 1st year MD/PhD student, is performing a virtual rotation aiming to understand why obesity is protective in lung cancer, in contrast to many other tumor types.

Xinyi Zhang, a rising 2nd year PhD student, has chosen to join the lab for her doctoral work despite only having the opportunity to do a virtual rotation during a very strange time! She will focus on metabolic therapy for melanoma.

Stephan Siebel, MD, PD, is an Instructor and expert in tracer methodology/mass spec joining the lab to perform stable isotope studies to understand obesity/cancer pathogenesis.

5/8/20: Zongyu has successfully qualified

Congratulations to Zongyu for passing his qualifying exam (via zoom) with flying colors! His committee were all impressed by his qualifying proposal exploring a novel factor in hypoglycemia counterregulation and his responses to their many questions.

2/3/20: Paper in press

Congratulations to Brooks on his paper in press at JNCI Cancer Spectrum: “The Impact of Obesity on Tumor Glucose Uptake in Breast and Lung Cancer.” This work, analyzing human PET-CT scans to correlate tumor glucose uptake to body mass index, was done over his five-week rotation in the lab (!) and demonstrates that previous findings from the lab – that tumor glucose uptake/oxidation are increased by obesity-associated hyperinsulinemia – may translate to humans.

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