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2/24/21: Ngozi joins the lab

We are delighted to welcome Ngozi Akingbesote, who has joined our lab as a first year PhD student!

11/12/20: First Perry lab oral abstract presentation

Congratulations to Brooks, who gave an excellent oral abstract presentation from the Perry lab today at the Integrative Physiology of Exercise meeting via Zoom. He’s set the bar high for oral presentations from the lab, and we look forward to more to come (hopefully not all on zoom)!

10/26/20: Chigoziri’s review in press

Congratulations to Chigoziri! His review, “Imeglimin – Current Development and Future Potential in Type 2 Diabetes,” was accepted for publication today.

9/25/20: Happy birthday!

A socially distanced happy birthday (two days apart) to Zongyu and Brooks!

8/17/20: Andin’s review in press

Congratulations to Andin, whose review, “Current Mechanisms in Obesity and Tumor Progression,” has just been published in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care. Check it out here (please email Rachel if you would like the full text).

7/1/20: Welcome Chigoziri, Brooks, Andin, Xinyi, and Stephan

The Perry lab is delighted to welcome five new members:

Chigoziri Konkwo, a rising 2nd year med student, is performing a virtual rotation analyzing tumor transcriptomic data and correlating these data to obesity.

Brooks Leitner, a rising 3rd year MD/PhD student, has joined the lab to pursue a project on exercise and cancer.

Andin Fosam, a rising 1st year MD/PhD student, is performing a virtual rotation aiming to understand why obesity is protective in lung cancer, in contrast to many other tumor types.

Xinyi Zhang, a rising 2nd year PhD student, has chosen to join the lab for her doctoral work despite only having the opportunity to do a virtual rotation during a very strange time! She will focus on metabolic therapy for melanoma.

Stephan Siebel, MD, PD, is an Instructor and expert in tracer methodology/mass spec joining the lab to perform stable isotope studies to understand obesity/cancer pathogenesis.

5/8/20: Zongyu has successfully qualified

Congratulations to Zongyu for passing his qualifying exam (via zoom) with flying colors! His committee were all impressed by his qualifying proposal exploring a novel factor in hypoglycemia counterregulation and his responses to their many questions.

2/3/20: Paper in press

Congratulations to Brooks on his paper in press at JNCI Cancer Spectrum: “The Impact of Obesity on Tumor Glucose Uptake in Breast and Lung Cancer.” This work, analyzing human PET-CT scans to correlate tumor glucose uptake to body mass index, was done over his five-week rotation in the lab (!) and demonstrates that previous findings from the lab – that tumor glucose uptake/oxidation are increased by obesity-associated hyperinsulinemia – may translate to humans.

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